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Communication – Part Four

Communication – Part Four

Today is the 4th Summa Session about communication! Johnny led us off with how not to apologize, which is to bring up excuses of why the mistake was made and instead own up to it and hopefully provide a solution. Next up, Chris talked about the difference between extroverts and introverts, and how you need to understand who you’re talking to and how they communicate. Ryan then discussed a pet peeve that many of us share, which is talking to someone who is paying all their attention to their phone. Sure, they may be nodding along to what you’re saying, but they are almost always much more interested in what’s going on on their phone. Danae brought up the 10 ways to love (or the 10 ways to be a good friend and coworker), which included things like “Answer, don’t argue” and “Promise, don’t forget.” Nick ended us off talking about his favorite number, because we’re in Q4! This is where legends are made, this is where games are won. And he also brought up how you’re 95% more likely to accomplish your goals if you say them out loud, so we chanted “half a milli, 50 reviews” to end the session.

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Here at Summa Media, we like to hit the ground running in the morning. And there’s no better way to get the day going than with a quick little meeting with the Summa Fam to go over the goals of the day, pressing issues that might be coming up, and of course, some jokes and stories about our lives. One major idea we’ve started to implement is every member of the squad bringing one item related to an overall weekly topic, whether that be a tweet, an article, a post, an idea, a story, or just a thought that popped into their heads.

This process gets our juices flowing, with each person engaging with the others. It’s facilitated conversation, got us thinking about our own business in new ways, and is also a great way to get everyone ready for their day of constant collaboration and innovation. The weekly topic can be broad, from problem solving to values, but everything that we share gets us talking, thinking, and participating in the morning conversation. That energy is carried throughout our day, ready for our customers, our fellow employees, and anything else that we may come across.